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Image Rotator#

Image Rotator permutes an image feature by rotating it and adding optional randomized jitter. The image is then cropped to fit the original width and height maintaining the dimensionality. Permutations such as these are useful for training computer vision models that are robust to


The GD extension is required to use this transformer.

Interfaces: Transformer

Data Type Compatibility: Image


# Name Default Type Description
1 offset float The angle of the rotation in degrees.
2 jitter 0.0 float The amount of random jitter to apply to the rotation.


use Rubix\ML\Transformers\ImageRotator;

$transformer = new ImageRotator(-90.0); // Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

$transformer = new ImageRotator(0.0, 0.5); // Add random jitter about the origin.

Additional Methods#

This transformer does not have any additional methods.