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A normally distributed (Gaussian) n-dimensional blob of samples centered at a given vector. The standard deviation can be set for the whole blob or for each feature column independently. When a global standard deviation is used, the resulting blob will be isotropic and will converge asymptotically to a sphere.

Data Types: Continuous

Label Type: Unlabeled


# Name Default Type Description
1 center [0, 0] array An array containing the coordinates of the center of the blob.
2 stddev 1.0 float or array Either the global standard deviation or an array with the standard deviation on a per feature column basis.


use Rubix\ML\Datasets\Generators\Blob;

$generator = new Blob([-1.2, -5.0, 2.6, 0.8, 10.0], 0.25);

Additional Methods#

Fit a Blob generator to the samples in a dataset.

public static simulate(Dataset $dataset) : self

Return the center coordinates of the Blob.

public center() : array